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Hi. I’m Michele, a branding + creative content designer. Everyone has an origin story and mine started in 2011 with a meddlesome friend who planted the idea of creating my own agency to save the world from bad design. After years of pretending wearing spandex wasn’t comfortable, I finally decided to go for it and officially opened my secret headquarters in 2016. Er…well the secret part might be a bit of a stretch.

Nevertheless, I love using my seriously creative super powers to discover the whimsy in the world, accentuating it in my designs—often in the form of cute dogs and colorful cupcakes. As I put it,


“If I’m smiling at a design, I know my clients are too!”

I specialize in Graphic Design, Branding, Social Media Content and Illustration and with these super powers, I aim to deliver powerful ideas to help brands be the hero.

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